The future of tourism

Utolsó módosítás: 2016. október 26.

The fifth tourism exhibition presenting the tourist potential of the region was organized in Pavlodar. Diffrenet tourist organizations, educational and cultural institutions, guests from the neighbouring regions participated at the event which concentrated on the central theme concerning various ways of developing local and external tourist activities.

The organizers consider that the exhibition established a valuable tradition which can contribute to the shaping of the entertainment and tourist image of the region, it can help widen the business and partner relationships of the parties involved, and it fosters the exchange of ideas among the participants.
They also think it is important to note that the representatives of the tourist sector should be conversant with the main directions of the development of the different branches of regional tourism. The region can offer a number of interesting and charming places to its visitors. The salt lakes which are not only beautiful but also possess curative power, are extremely popular with local inhabitants.
Participants at the exhibition included local and regional tourist firms and museums, Bajanaul National Park, „Mojylda" sanatirium, employees of „Ertys ormany" regional centra for the protection of forests and environment, as well as the representatives of S. Toraighyrov University, where the specialists for tourist industry are trained.
The event offered an excellent occasion for the exchaneg of experiences among the different participants. Guests from and represenatatives of the Akmolini region, Northern Kazakhsztán and Karaganda introduced their partners to their own possibilities and formulated their individual constructive suggestions.
One of the participants at the exhibition prof. Lóránt Dávid from Eszterházy University, delivers a lecture ont he system of tourism for the students of Pavlodar. This is my eleventh visit to Kazakhstan and my third visit to Pavlodar- says Lóránt Dávid. Besides Pavlodar I visited Astana, Almata, and Karaganda. I can state that there are a number of possibilities are available for the development of incoming tourist activity in Pavlodar region. The potentials are supported by beautiful scenary, peculiar geographical formations, from plains to high mountains, or valuable minerals. The development of tourism can increase the availability of any of the above mentioned potential tourist attraction, so success depends on the directions of future developments in this respect.
The organizers also prized the best pavilion, advertisement and informative package and the best craftsmen.
Pavlodarskaja Oblastnaja Gazeta, 20 Оcтober 2015





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