Conference in Oradea

Utolsó módosítás: 2016. október 26.

On the 15-16th of September 2016 in Oradea (Romania) was organised the 14th annual conference of the Hungarian Regional Science Association (HRSA) (in Hungarian: MRTT) with the focus on small and medium sized cities.

The two-day-long conference was rich in scientific and cultural programs and events: on the first day the international keynote speakers were Manfred Kühn (Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space) and Nataša Pichler-Milanović (University of Ljubljana). On the second day of the conference parallel sessions were organized with wide range of scientific topics (urban research, urban ecology, borders, tourism etc.), one session in English (The Role of Small and Medium Sized Cities in Regional Development) (

Dr. habil. Tibor Kovács, associate professor of Tourism Department held a presentation with the topic "Kisújszállás, the cultural capital of Great Cumania: the slogan and what's behind it".

The conference was closed with a guided sightseeing tour in Oradea.

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