‘Preparing scientific research’ course

Utolsó módosítás: 2016. október 26.

The Economic Professional Group of Scientific Students’ Associations Conference (TDK) organizes preparatory courses to a higher level of scientific research on economic, social and market processes. This is supported by National Talent Program.

The program provides opportunity for students who are interested in a higher level of scientific research on the economic, social and market trends to develop their analytical competencies.

The main topics of the course:

  • Basics of Research Methodology: research concept, research questions and hypotheses, literature review
  • Primary and secondary data collection and data analysis techniques using statistical software
  • Contents and formal requirements of scientific papers
  • Presenting the results of the research: forms and specialities
  • Communication and behavioural culture of academic life

More information and registration:

Responsible for Scientific Students' Associations Conference (TDK) in Institute of Economic Science


 A kurzus a Nemzeti Tehetség Program támogatásával valósult meg. 














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