“Boutique search firms are better!”

Utolsó módosítás: 2016. október 26.

“Boutique search firms are better!” This was one main message echoed from most participants at the 2016 World Executive Search Congress in London.

The global big boys of Executive Search are now openly being called "Dinosaurs". They are very big, still powerful, getting the biggest deals, but they are also inflexible, slow to react and often outdated in terms of fee policy. Their traditional 1/3 fee of gross salary regardless of any success element is rejected by more and more corporations. Today the search fees have settled around 25% of annual gross salary. Many clients also want to see flexibility in fee structure with some success part. Boutique firms are eagerly responding to such requirements.
The whole article can be read here: http://targetexecutivesearch.com/about-us/news/4-megatrends-executive-search by Dr. Klemens Wersonig, Founder & CEO, TARGET Executive Search

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